LFD Personnel and Walton Co EMS given The Lifesaver Award at Loganville City Council Meeting

On Thursday, June 14th, 2018, Loganville Fire Chief Carl Morrow presented the Lifesaver Award to the Loganville Fire Department and Walton EMS personnel who saved the life of Terry Galambus on February 16th, 2018. LPD Officer Shane Miller arrived at the report of an unconscious man (Galambus) and began administering CPR. The firefighters and EMS took over upon arrival and administered four shocks from the AED along with another round of CPR while Galambus was being taken to Eastside Medical Center.

“According to the American Heart Association, 95 percent of the sudden cardiac arrests that happen don’t make it to the hospital alive,” Morrow said before presenting the award. “Early CPR and early defibrillation double the chance of survival, which is a key factor in tonight’s Life Saver Award…It’s outstanding that [Officer  Miller] was able to remember [the CPR] training that he does not have to call on often…as well as the fire crews remembering that training because it’s not that often that we have to pull out the AEDs out or start IVs.”

Terry Galambus then handed the awards to the LPD, LFD, and Walton County EMS personnel.

The recipients of the award are as follows: LPD Officer Shane Miller, LFD Battalion Chief Michael Moon, Lt. Jacob Morrow, Capt. Andy Logan, Sgt. Matthew Watkins, Walton Co EMS personnel Grayson Beaghan, Landon Wilder, and Allen Fambrough.

Contributed photo courtesy of the City of Loganville

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