Local animal advocate group helps keep feral and neglected animals warm with hay donation

Youtube video courtesy of DarrellProductions.com

Thanks to a donation by a benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous, local members of End the Cycle (ETC Georgia) were able to give the gift of a little warmth to some feral and neglected animals over this cold winter snap. Some other traditionally outside pets, like backyard chickens, goats and such, also were able to take advantage of the donation, which was a trailer load of hay to give away to anybody in the community who needed. They set up at a couple of locations earlier this week for the distribution.

“It was a big day to say the least! Many nice folks came by for free straw, then we drove around Monroe and left more for chained dogs. Seeing them chained to plastic doghouses or plywood boxes with nothing for warmth and insulation breaks our hearts,” ETC wrote on its Facebook page. “If any of you see a dog kept outside 24/7 without a doghouse that is sturdy with lots of straw in it (99% of the ones we see) please call AC. Most counties in GA have ordinances for shelter and bedding suitable for weather conditions. One call can make a big difference in a dog’s life. Then please follow up if the situation doesn’t improve. Be their voice, your tax dollars pay for ordinances to be enforced.”

The group has been working with advocates and public officials in Monroe and Walton County for a few years in an effort to change the ordinances to ensure that animals in the community were guaranteed a better quality of life.

The group also drew attention not so long ago when it worked with members of the Monroe Police Department to rescue puppies and their mother trapped under a house in the city.

If you are interested in finding out more about the group, volunteering or donating, you can find out more on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/etcgeorgia or email them at etcgeorgia.org@gmail.com. Any donation is tax deductible and 100 % of the donations go to dogs and cats in need.

“We don’t mail out glossy ads and we don’t put on fancy fundraisers. Spay/neuter, vaccines, doghouses, pens, boarding, food and emergency veterinary treatment are covered by donations. Paypal offers a monthly donation option, even $5 a month is appreciated.

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