Local artist, Sean Brown, pushing to make it big with his music

Sean Brown, who also goes by the alias, Tom The Mailman, is an up and coming rapper from Monroe, Ga. He is 20 years old and graduated from Walnut Grove high school. Brown has quickly gained a core fan base after releasing music for only a couple of years. Most rappers start getting into music at an early age, but that is a different story for Sean. He has put in a lot of dedication and hard work this past couple of years.

“I started taking it seriously around 11th grade and decided that if I really wanted to turn this into something, I had to write a song every day for the next year – and that’s what I did,” he said. “I first got around a mic around second semester, junior year and automatically fell in love with the process.”

Brown has proven that he takes his music very seriously and personally. He has a very original style and sound. Some of the artists that he has been inspired by include Childish Gambino, J Cole, Jaden Smith, XXXTentacion, and Drake. 

“As of now, I don’t see an artist that I could compare myself to, but there have definitely been tons of artists that I’ve been inspired by. My style and voice, in my opinion, are very unique and I pride myself on my originality,” Brown said.

Another example of his originality comes from his stage name, Tom The Mailman. He also calls his group, The Delivery Crew. 

“Tom The Mailman was actually super random. I wanted my name to be very corny and misleading. The Delivery Crew came to mind my freshman year of college. I wanted a place to call home and to build with like-minded artists. TDC is an empire in the making and now, as a whole, has four artists, Keeks, Delopapii, KotyKillem, and myself,” he said. 

Brown is the first person in his family to make an attempt at music. His peers and his environment is what really steered him in this direction.  

“From what I know, I’m the only one in my family with a musical background, so I’m kind of learning all of this by myself. The people I grew up with were heavy into freestyling while hanging out. My friends were known around the school for rapping and, at the time, I wanted to show people I was good at it as well,” he said.

Music has a very impactful role in Brown’s life. Music, whether it be writing it or listening to it, has helped him get through a lot so far in his life. 

“The thing I love most about music is the healing factor it carries. Personally, I struggle with things such as anxiety and depression. Through music, I’ve found a place to have sort of a positive release. I can voice my truth through music,” he said.

Brown has a lot of big plans for his music career moving forward. He sees a very bright future ahead for him and the rest of The Delivery Crew. 

“I see myself becoming one of the most influential artists of my generation and eventually inspiring all of the youth in Monroe and tons of other cities,” Brown said. “Definitely being a well-known model, hopefully getting a chance to pursue acting again, and producing quality clothing, etc. In a nutshell, I plan to become a 21st-century renaissance man. I want to live out my days as an artist and become one of the best to do it, build a strong family, and eventually leave a mark in the world so large that even without my physical presence, Iʼll be able to inspire and hopefully lead people in a direction thatʼs beneficial to the world.” 

You can listen to and support Sean Brown, aka, Tom The Mailman, on just about any platform, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

(Photographs contributed by Sean Brown).


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