Local businessman pens his rise from inmate to CEO of a multi-million dollar business

Many in the local community know Kevin Barrelle, of Barrelle Roofing, CEO of a successful roofing company in Walton County and sponsor of many community programs and events in the area. But not everybody knows of Barrelle’s past and how he overcame adversity to attain this success. He’s never made an effort to keep it quiet, but he also didn’t always make an effort to make it known. However, he has now published a book that chronicles not just his rise since his 2006 release from prison, but also his life before then. In an easy reading format, Barrelle chronicles his past addiction, his imprisonment, tragedies along the way and the struggles on his release that he believes helped him reach the success he has today.

Threaded through all of it is Barrelle’s walk with God and how his faith helped bring him through the fire. He is now a loving husband and father, a successful businessman and a man with a mission to give back and help others on the path to a good life.

In Barrelle’s own words from his book Imprisoned Thoughts, “My great goal is for you, the reader, to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you or a loved one is fighting through addiction or facing adversity of any kind that there is abundant hope. I’m writing this so that you, your mother or father, your son or daughter, and anyone else who is important to you can come through the fire and find victory over addiction or whatever battle is being fought.”

It is a story of triumph over adversity, of facing demons and dealing with them, and it is an inspirational story with real life local connections that can help those fighting addiction see that there is hope.

To this end, Barrelle is a guest speaker at the 2nd Annual Freedom Fest, presented by March Against Meth, from 12 – 4 p.m. on Aug. 27 at Legion Field, 3173 Mill st. NE in Covington – as detailed below. He will have a booth at the festival and will have copies of his book available. You can also purchase a copy of Imprisoned Thoughts, a #1 New Release, on Amazon at this link.

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