Local centenarian Clyde Christmas celebrates his 100th birthday in Loganville

From left, Natalie Joseph, Twyla Jackson and Tina Christmas flew in from Canada to celebrate the 100th Birthday of their second cousin, Clyde Christmas, at the Retreat at Loganville on Friday, March 15, 2024. Contributed photo

In January 2024, centenarians made up just 0.03% of the overall U.S. population, but those numbers are growing. And since Friday, they now have one more member added to their numbers.

On March 15, 2024, Clyde Christmas got to celebrate his 100th Birthday at the Retreat in Loganville. Mayor Skip Baliles and some city officials were on hand to celebrate with him, but the guests of honor were his three second cousins who flew in from Canada to bring their birthday wishes to him in person!

Natalie Joseph, Twyla Jackson and Tina Christmas were excited to be able to celebrate this special milestone with a beloved family member who they say has always been an icon in their family.

“He has been the patriarch of our family and the glue that has pulled us all together ever since I can remember,” Joseph said.

“He used to come and visit us in Canada every year when he could,” said another of the cousins.

And to what does he owe his longevity? It’s in the genes, according to Christmas.

“My mother lived to be 105,” he said.

Clyde Christmas, wearing his badge naming him a special ambassador in the City of Loganville, got to celebrate his 100th Birthday with family and friends at the Retreat in Loganville on March 15, 2024. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

Christmas has been a long-time resident of the senior living community that is now the Retreat at Loganville and, according to former Loganville City Councilwoman Linda Dodd, he has been somewhat of a ambassador for the community and even the City of Loganville.

“I have known him since 2011 when he first moved here. When I first ran for Council, he was very supportive. He even tried to get me to run for mayor, but I said, ‘No I don’t want that job,’ Dodd said. “He was always very involved in getting everybody to vote. So I always brought him absentee ballots and he made sure that everybody in the community here got their ballot to vote. He was a real leader in the community here until about five years ago when he began slowing down a little. When new people came in, he would always welcome them – he was just very active in the community. We even made him a badge giving him the title of ambassador.”

Christmas wore his ambassador badge for the occasion on Friday as other members of the senior community, city officials and friends and family joined him for a luncheon with a celebratory Birthday Cake to mark the special occasion.

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