Local family in need of medical donations

Carol Williams is a survivor. After four eye surgeries, a triple heart bypass surgery, a kidney failure, a kidney transplant, and a kidney rejection two months later, Williams continues to trust in God and find the positives in all of her trials. A Loganville-raised single mother of two, Williams is well loved by the community, including Kelly Summers, a friend of Williams who has recently started a GoFundMe page to help the Williams family get through these hard times.

Williams’ two children, Keontaye and Keoni, are shining stars in the school community. Keontaye is 17-years-old and plays football for Walnut Grove High School. Already, he has begun looking at colleges to find the right fit for him and maybe even play college football. Keoni is 11-years-old and attends Youth Middle School. This past March, Keoni was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes because her body isn’t producing enough insulin.

(left to right) Keoni, Keontaye, and mother Carol Williams after one of Keontaye’s WGHS football games

Williams grew up in Loganville and played basketball at Loganville High School, from where she graduated in 1996. She then went on to serve the community in the medical field for 14 years. She specialized in pediatrics and worked hard to care for others. Unfortunately, she began to lose her sight and had other ongoing medical issues that put a halt to her career:

– December 2015: Started PD dialysis everyday for 9 1/2 hours for 11 months.
– April 29, 2016: Triple heart bypass surgery (hospitalized for 3 weeks with doctors not sure she would pull through after being in ICU)
– November 3, 2016: had a kidney transplant
– January 2017: Started early kidney rejection
– May 2017: Total retina detachment in both eyes causing total blindness. She has had four eye surgeries (7-8 hrs long) to reattach retinas.
– January 2018: Antibody complications with kidney that she is currently being treated for at this time
– June 2018: Started kidney rejection (her only functioning kidney) and now on dialysis
-July 12, 2018: Eye surgery to help heal the detached retina

Williams recently had a checkup after her last eye surgery, which showed that her retina is once again trying to detach itself. She will have to go for another surgery as to prevent further harm to her eyesight. Nearly every week, Williams has to visit Emory Hospital for checkups. On top of all of these medical expenses, Keoni also has to take insulin and other medications to keep her blood sugar levels in check.

Friends and family ask that the community please pray for their loved ones who have been and are going through a difficult time. They also ask for any donations to ease the stress and tension for this loving, caring, and God-driven family. You can donate at Carol Williams’ GoFundMe page, which was set up by her caring friend, Kelly Summers.

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