Local farmers take up the slack with healthy alternatives during supply chain woes

Customers found the healthy alternatives had positive impacts on their well-being

“While major retail struggle with supply-chain issues, fresh food sales at farms in Walton County skyrocketed. Customers find an abundant supply of locally-grown meats and produce raised cleanly and humanely. Most of those buyers are now regular customers. The movement to eat locally-raised, clean, non-processed food is gaining strength,” Christy Smith wrote in an article in the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine.

Smith featured two farms, one in Monroe and one in Loganville, that were able to take up the slack during the supply chain woes that left empty shelves around the country as well as in the local area.

Jensen Reserve in Loganville found its business up 1,000 % and customers found that the local alternatives did more than just restock their food supply. The products also had a positive impact on their health.

The same could be said for the products supplied by Carrell Farms in Monroe. David Carrell explained to her how one of his customers found their products almost miraculous in helping improve her health and keep her out of the hospital.

Read Smith’s full story at the link below in Walton Living Magazine’s online issue – or pick up a print copy at one of the Walton County libraries or city halls or any of the advertisers listed in the magazine. You will find the story on Page 22 of the Spring Summer issue of Walton Living Magazine.

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