Local fire officials participate in demonstration of the benefit of fire sprinklers

On Friday, Darrell Everidge of Darrell Productions was on hand to witness and video a demonstration by Summit Fire Safety on the benefits of fire sprinklers when demonstrated side by side with a similar structure without sprinklers. Fire officials from Monroe Fire Department, Walton County Fire Rescue and surrounding agencies were on hand to witness the demonstration. MFD Battalion Chief Jack Armstrong gives an update at the end of the video on the benefits of having fire sprinklers as opposed to not.

You can watch the video on Youtube by clicking on the link below.

“The fact is, because automatic fire sprinklers have been commonly used in structures for many years, the evidence is clear that this technology is a proven way to protect lives and property against fires. Sprinklers also respond quickly and effectively to the presence of a nearby fire, and function well, without creating problems for homeowners.”

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