Local help if your resolution was to finally lose weight

Photo credit: Walton Living Magazine
Photo credit: Walton Living Magazine

This is the time of the year when weight, or more specifically how to lose it, is on the minds of many. It is the No. 1 New Year’s Resolution made and probably the No. 1 broken, but then weight loss is a daunting task for most. In many cases, new years come and go and, despite the resolutions, weight tends to appear rather than disappear.

If this is your situation, Walton Living Magazine featured an article by Clearview Regional Medical Center in the last issue of the magazine that may have the answer to your problem. In the article, Emily Russell, director of marketing and business development for Clearview gives details on the Clearview Metabolic Center located at the hospital in Monroe and its bariatric surgery program. As the medical provider for Walton County, Clearview Regional Medical Center established a comprehensive weight management program in 2016, opening the metabolic center in January last year. It offers a wide range of weight management solutions and approaches under General Surgeon, Donald Maynard, MD, who is the medical director at Clearview Metabolic Center.

“As a team, we are excited about bringing this comprehensive program to our community to promote wellness,” Maynard said. “Our hope is that people will take advantage of the opportunity to get more information about the different options and make an informed decision with their medical provider about the best approach of treatment.”

You can read the full story by clicking or tapping on this link to read it online on the 2016 Fall/Winter issue of Walton Living Magazine or you can pick up a copy at any City Hall in the county or from the Walton County Chamber of Commerce.

Different treatment options consist of surgical and non-surgical options. Patients are welcomed to attend nutritional consultationss, body fat analysis and join weight loss support groups. On the surgical side of interventions, the program offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to the journey. Clearview Metabolic Center offers free weight loss seminars every month. You can check www.ClearviewWeightLoss.com for a list of dates. If you’re looking for more information, contact the staff at Clearview Metabolic Center at 678-635-8133.

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