Local R&B Singer, Felix Thompson, on the Rise

Felix Thompson, a 24-year-old native of Monroe, Ga, is an up and coming R&B singer. He has been singing his entire life to get to where he is now.

“I would say my sound is a hybrid between smooth R&B and today’s rap sounds, but my music is much bigger and more diverse than any box that the industry would try to place me in. It was my dad’s love for Prince and Calvin Richardson that really exposed me to the world of music at a young age. He would wake me up every Sunday morning blasting Prince’s “Purple Rain” and wiping my face with a cold rag,” Thompson said.

Thompson found his love for singing on Sundays in his church, but that’s not where he stopped.

“I grew up singing in church, so I have been singing my entire life. It was when I moved to Atlanta and met my manager Anthony Kalel, and signed to Loud N Klear Entertainment, that I had the opportunity to truly dive in and start creating original music,” he said.

Thompson has had a lot of great experience to help him really sharpen his craft. He’s performed at many big events. He’s even opened for many great artists.

“I have opened for artists like Puff, Baby Face, CeeLo Green, Shelia E. I have a single that has over 1 million streams online and major radio airplay, and even done commercial work for big brands like Wal Mart and Coca Cola. I performed at the Apollo Theater in Harlem New York and flown all over the country performing for thousands of people,” Thompson said.

His latest gig was when he auditioned and performed on Fox’s show “The Four” which aired on June 28. He got the chance to do what he is passionate about in front of the likes of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, DJ Khaled, and Meghan Trainor. Thompson showed out like he had been there a thousand times before singing “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell and “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars.

“My team and I worked really hard to prepare for a moment like this for such a long time, that I didn’t really have any room for nerves. I was more so excited to go out on stage and kill it! I chose “Can We Talk” because I felt that it allowed me to show the judges, and the world, my range and vocal flexibility,” he said.

Thompson showed off his incredible stage presence during these performances by doing a kick-up and even a backflip on stage in front of the judges. It isn’t everyday you come across a performer quite like Thompson.

“One of the benefits with working with my manager, Anthony Kalel, is that he makes sure that I am around individuals who have been in the industry for years and have worked with stars like Prince, Shelia E, Usher, TLC. Spending time with them and really learning the importance of being an entertainer and not just a person that stands still and sing, that is where I get my drive to ensure that whenever I hit the stage, I give a good show,” he said.

Thompson really impressed the judges with his two performances. The judge that showed the most interest was record producer Puff Daddy.

“To have Puff tell me that my voice is extremely special, that he appreciates my showmanship, and that I am the best challenger to come on the show was amazing! It really reassured me in my artistry, and that my team and I are making all the right decisions when it comes to my development and performances,” Thompson said.

No matter how big he gets, Thompson says he will never forget his roots. He is proud to call the city of Monroe his home.

“Music for me, is my life. Growing up in Monroe definitely helped shape me as artist. It was here that I got my first opportunities to perform, not only just in church, but in choir and different events held around the city. The Crep Myrtle Festival was actually the first stage I had a chance to perform on. I hope to change the world with my music, to be a light and a piece of happiness for anyone that listens to my music,” he said.

You can listen to his music via his Youtube Channel.


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