Local schools get financial help through the CARES Act

Local Public School Systems will be receiving funding assistance through the K-12 CARES Ace, according to information received from Georgia Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe). Walton County Public Schools will receive $2,548,501, Social Circle City Schools will receive $180,645 and the Gwinnett County School System will receive $32,259,639.

This $411 million payout is to reportedly to help students cope with the disruption due to the need for schools to implement distance learning to finish out the remainder of the school year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds were to be used to fill in gaps in “connectivity, food security, learning opportunities, and non- academic supports with an emphasis on meeting the needs of Georgia’s most struggling students.”

Georgia Department of Education promised to will make it as seamless as possible for districts to utilize these funds. However, it does stress that it will be collecting reports on how districts spend their funding across the CARES Act categories, which are listed below.

Undoubtedly this will help, but schools are still looking at significantly reduced budgets going forward as the state is asking all departments to look at 14 % budget cuts to deal with the loss in revenue. The state reported a more than 35 percent loss in revenue for the month of April.



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