Local Singer recently travels to Nashville to record first formally released song

By Cheyenne Tolleson - the walton tribune

Local singer Jewel Rose – contributed photo

Strong presence on social media helps gain attention

On Jan. 20, local singer-songwriter Jewel Rose released her first, formally recorded single, “Go Be Free.” 

It will soon be followed by two other original songs that she also recorded while working with Off The Row Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

The artist arose such attention by her consistent social media presence over the recent year. 

“In late September 2022, Off The Row Studio. . . sent me a DM after their AR representative stumbled across one of my Instagram reels,” recalled Rose on how she was discovered. 

After confirming the legitimacy of the offer, Rose was then able to travel to Nashville and begin the recording process. “We met up in the studio with their amazing renowned players, often referred to as the A-Team,” she said. “Each of the players got into position, and we all had headphones and mics to communicate through separate rooms. I remember being overcome with emotions while standing in the vocal booth at that time, and I could feel my late grandmother wrapping her arms around me in reassurance that I was in the right place at the right time.”

“After one time of hearing my work tape,” began Rose, “the band commenced and played a tune that would bring my simple idea to life.”

She then went on to discuss the themes and ideas which those original pieces were built upon. “‘Go Be Free’ was specifically written about chasing your own freedom as an individual and letting all insecurities fall to the wayside, along with the opinions of others.”

“The rest of the songs go more into the themes of self-discovery, overcoming and facing fear, and self-acceptance. They all have a unique sound that incorporates southern rock, country, and blues,” she added.

“I am really fortunate to have Off The Row Studio on my production team. They have tons of resources for me as an up-and-coming artist, and they have been a huge support to me during this time,” she said in terms of making her music public. “The producer, PT Houston, and his wife, Erin, have made a huge impression on me as an artist and have given me a chance I never imagined would fall into my lap.”

The producer even went as far as to compare her to a household name in country music. “[He] told [me] in the studio, ‘Look out Miranda Lambert!’ and went on to boast,” revealed Rose. 

She has taken this step to further the reach of her career. “Now that I have formally recorded, I am managing myself and independently releasing my music,” said Rose.

“I plan to continue being a recording artist, writing my own songs, collaborating with other artists and musicians in the business, and playing live wherever I fit. I would love to see my solo act grow into a full-fledged touring band at some point, but for now, I am focusing on writing and networking.”

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