Local students who made the Fall 2020 Dean’s List at Georgia State University

press release from Merit pages

Georgia State University has named outstanding students to the Fall 2020 semester Dean’s List.

To be eligible for the Dean’s List, degree-seeking students must have earned a GPA of at least 3.5 for a minimum of nine semester hours of academic credit taken at Georgia State during the fall or spring term with no incompletes for the semester. Eligible students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all classes taken at Georgia State.

Students from your coverage area include:

Janelle James of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Journalism

Donovan Prease of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Public Health

Luis Quinones of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Criminal Justice

Keimaiah Aiken of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Health Administration

Nara Dykes of Monroe (30656), studying/majoring in Pre-Hospitality Administration

Jayme Willingham of (30052), studying/majoring in Political Science

Jasmine Diaz of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Biological Science

Seth Clark of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Ashley Bethea of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in HS: Health Science Professions

Deborah Obafemi of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Sociology

Kadiatou Cisse of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Biological Science

Providence Mpano of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Psychology

Chandnee Rasiawan of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Business Administration

Mikaela Walton of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in English

Mayseo Woods of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Pre-Computer Science

Kyla Arnold of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in History

Robert Marchman of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Finance

Alexandria Henson of Social Circle (30025), studying/majoring in Criminal Justice

Hanadi Hassan of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Biological Science

Vraj Patel of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Computer Science

Dejah Reynolds of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Psychology

Hasina Fnu of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in General Studies

Reanna Gordon of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Exploratory

Alexis Bolling of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Public Health

Alexis Smith of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Criminal Justice

Sydney Reid of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Lauren Colgate of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Art

Carla Gonzalez of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Dental Hygiene

Michael Manzanarez of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Criminal Justice

Kaidesh Forrester of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Art

Micheala St John of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Psychology

Saydarah Smith of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Computer Info Systems

Kiana Johnson of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Applied Linguistics

Oumoubah Cisse of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Computer Info Systems

Spencer Hardy of Monroe (30656), studying/majoring in EDUC: Special Education

Jonas Baker of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Film and Media

Emmalee Coad of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Exploratory

Aaron Fields of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Film and Media

Charity Myers of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Political Science

Davey Barnes of Monroe (30656), studying/majoring in HS: Health Science Professions

Kodie Eidson of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Biology

Kelly Hawkins of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Psychology

Touzer Lee of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Computer Science

Caroline Rombach of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Physics

Emanuel Amariw of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Edith Osemhen of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Finance

Logan Guy of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Physics

Anastashia Han of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Pre-Managerial Sciences

Clementina Lozano of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Danielle Williams of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Social Work

Ricardo Salinas Bayona of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Finance

Taylor McClure of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Political Science

Nebechi Okpala of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Neuroscience

Caila Lavalais of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Business Administration

Dylan Lange of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Biological Science

Michelle Downing of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Psychology

Safari Nicholson of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in History

Andre Serrano of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Music

Amanda Holman of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in English

Corbin Spratlin of Monroe (30656), studying/majoring in Business Administration

Erenajh Mikell of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in HS: Health Science Professions

Latrece Ragsdale of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Zoe Carter of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in American Sign Language

Myliyah Weeks-Harris of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in HS: Health Science Professions

Amber Helton of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Human Learning and Development & Sign Language Interpreting

Mariah Oliver of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Entrepreneurship

Ashtyne Jones of Social Circle (30025), studying/majoring in Chemistry

Cionna Jones of Monroe (30656), studying/majoring in HS: Health Information Admin

Hailey Janney of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Speech Communications

Jesse McCullough of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Computer Science

Jesica Quirindongo of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Psychology

Michael Phillips of Social Circle (30025), studying/majoring in General Studies

Matthew Taylor of Monroe (30656), studying/majoring in Computer Science

Nneka Nwangwu of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Public Health

Whitney Akinbami of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Undeclared

Frank Pina of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Biological Science

Peyton Dunham of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Criminal Justice

Shakia Buncum of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Osayande Henry- Iyasere of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Computer Science

Arizona Igwe of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Chemistry

Magan Katnis of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-licensure Nursing

Christian Okey-Ezeh of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Computer Science

Nneoma Nwaogwugwu of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Biological Science

Fernando Soto of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Political Science

Angelle Andrews of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Business Economics

Gou-nu Lee of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Psychology

Lindsey Spivey of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Exploratory

Tejah Batiste of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Pre-Film and Media

Asha Brae of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Music

Dalton Woods of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in General Studies

Frederick Finch of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Music

Jordan Cox of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Managerial Sciences

Krystal Pereira of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Criminal Justice

Michael Hosein of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Michael Keys of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Psychology

Phillip Lyron of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Marketing

Roxene Williams of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in HS: Health Science Professions

Vanda Radovic of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Public Policy

Annabelle Luttrell of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Criminal Justice

Destiny Leonard of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in English

Amina Olhaye of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Finance

Andreya Zamora of MONROE (30656), studying/majoring in Pre-Managerial Sciences

Olivia Halleck of Social Circle (30025), studying/majoring in Chemistry

Alexis Jimenez of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Marketing

Leah Pettway of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Business Administration

Mahreen Asghar of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Computer Science

Jas Thomas of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Journalism

Abraham Mammen of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Computer Science

Jenna Yelder of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Michael-Stephens Okoro of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Neuroscience

Racquel Escoffery of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-licensure Nursing

Jazmyn Martin of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Anthropology

Eseosa Gabriel of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Pre-Psychology

Esthefany Navarrete of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Sociology

Ibtasam Muhammad of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Computer Information Systems

America Falcon of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Psychology

Isabel Cleveland of Social Circle (30025), studying/majoring in EDUC: Early Childhd Education

Meagen Smith of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in HS: Health Science Professions

Preston Casey of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Music

Tyreek Porter of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Chemistry

Ethan Goff of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Exploratory

Annabelle Barnett of Monroe (30656), studying/majoring in Marketing

Alysha Morris of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Sport Management

Christina Danraj of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Finance

Cody May of Monroe (30655), studying/majoring in Criminal Justice

Destini Smith of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in English

Justin Pitman of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Film

Laura Gabriel of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in Psychology

Mary Frances Rogers of Social Circle (30025), studying/majoring in American Sign Language

Nicole Medrano of Loganville (30052), studying/majoring in History

Nicholas Winters of Social Circle (30025), studying/majoring in Business Administration

Georgia State University, an enterprising urban public research university, is a national leader in graduating students from widely diverse backgrounds.

The student body of nearly 52,000 demonstrates that students from all backgrounds can achieve at high rates with unsurpassed connections to the city’s business, government, nonprofit and cultural organizations.

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