Local teen seriously injured in a crash on Friday

An 18-year-old Loganville teen, Sydney Perry, was seriously injured in a crash at about 6 a.m. on Friday morning off Broadnax Mill Road on her way to her part-time job.

“She was going to babysit. She was t-boned in the driver’s side, which came in about 12 inches into the compartment. They had to pull her out from the passenger side,” said her mother, Laurel Perry. Sydney was taken to Piedmont Walton by Walton County EMS.

“They did a CT scans and saw the damage to her pelvis and wanted to get her to an ortho trauma center so then she was transferred to Athens. She has five pelvic fractures, a broken tailbone, and a concussion,” she said.

Sydney’s mother, who is a recent breast cancer survivor, will now have to take time off work to help her daughter in what promises to be an extensive recovery period. Friends have got together and established a GoFundMe account to help relieve a little of the financial burden.

“Laurel is a single mother and recent breast cancer survivor. She is missing work to be by Sydney’s side and will have to take an undetermined amount of leave during her recovery. Laurel relies on this income but would never ask for any help, which is why several of her friends and I have decided to ask for help from our communities. Laurel is the most selfless person I know and is the first person to help out when someone else is in need,” Emily Hatton wrote in the GoFundMe account, going on to add, “Money raised will not only be used for Sydney’s medical expenses (which remains unknown and growing larger every day) but Laurel’s everyday needs such as gas to and from the hospital, daily hospital parking, meals, boarding for their dog, Joey, and the loss of the income from Laurel’s job and Sydney’s part-time job.”

Anybody in a position to help can do so at this link. https://gofund.me/fe5b49d7

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