Local tragedies dominate Top 20 Stories on Your Local News in 2023

Here we are again, seems like it was just the blink of an eye and we’re back at the end of another year – some of it happily eventful, and some of it eventful, but not quite so happily. And as is always the case for Your Local News, it was the not so happily eventful stories that dominated the headlines.

Again this year, however, we did manage to feature a couple of the Top 20 stories that were not either a fatal accident or the threat of a severe storm about to bear down on the local area. It was, however, just a couple – No. 4, the news that the Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle will soon be reopening its doors to the public, and No. 17, the news of filming of an ABC TV series at the Cup and Saucer diner in Loganville. The rest of the top stories were mostly of the tragic loss of life in the community through traffic fatalities or murder. I like to believe the reason for this is the compassion in our community that makes us we feel the sadness and loss that our neighbors are going through. And again, we will continue to pray for healing for those who lost loved ones this year and hope for a better 2024 for everyone.

A bright spot for us at YLN, however, was that once again the top views, 335,225, were people checking the Home Page daily to get their local news. Thank you!!

The statistics recorded for online publications at the end of the each line shows exactly how many times that story has been read. *A note for any businesses out there looking to get their wares in front of the public. We had more than 3.7 million views on YLN this year. That would be how many times your ad is seen in a year if it is featured on YLN.

So as we wrap up 2023, Come on 2024, let’s see what you’ve got for us in this next year! Bring it on!

Happy New Year from Your Local News

These top stories were not chosen by us – they were chosen by the readers. The statistics at the end of each line item are the Top Stories on YLN in 2023 at Dec. 29.

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