Loganville citizen champions Turn Loganville Blue effort

Melanie Long spoke out at the Loganville City Council meeting on Thursday, urging people to join in a Turn Our Town Blue campaign to show support for the city’s police department. City residents were urged to put a blue light on their porch as a way to get behind the men and women in the Loganville Police Department.

“Our men and women in Blue are under an immense amount of pressure right now. Loganville has a WONDERFUL Police Force. I would like for the people of this town to get behind our men and women in blue and show them that we support them,” Long said in a post on the Concerned Citizens for Loganville Growth Facebook page.

Long, who owns Lock Stock and Barrell in Loganville, said she has had difficulty locating blue light bulbs and offered to help if anyone is also unable to locate any..

“I had a hard time finding blue light bulbs myself. So, I ordered a full case. If you cannot find a blue bulb yourself, for a donation of $3 per bulb, I can supply those for you,” she said, adding that 100% of all money collected from the sale of the bulbs will be donated to the Loganville Police Department, “to do with as they wish. My goal here is to get the citizens of Loganville to show support for our LPD.”

Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez suggested another way to show support for the police would be to “just feed them,” by dropping off tasty treats at the precinct.

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