Loganville City Council approves mini-golf development, denies town homes

The Loganville City Council unanimously approved an application for a mini-golf development on Harrison Road by Vicki and Mark Nichols, of Loganville. The plans are for an 18-hold competition-grade mini-golf course and a 9-hole kiddie mini-golf course, a snack bar with prepackaged food and drinks and rooms for birthday parties and other events. The plan is to include a lighted tent-like cover on one of the courses to enable players to continue to play even in wind, rain and darkness.

Mark Nichols said he excited about the development. The theme for the development is Our Backyard. Nichols said it will be a living theme.

“Plants – there will not be any fiberglass animals that I can promise. I want a very natural theme – things you would encounter in your backyard. My wife is amazing when it comes to plants and decorations so I leave that creative stuff to her,” he said. “It cannot be tacky.” 

These are initial plans. According to the application, if the first part works out well and gets the support of the public, the plan is to then add a large totally outdoor mini-golf course as well as an interactive water enhanced mini-golf course known as splash golf.

Prior to that, the City Council voted unanimously to deny an application to rezone property from O & I to RM-8 on Tommy Lee Fuller Road next to the Retreat at Loganville’s cottages for town homes. The council and virtual attendees of the meeting wanted the council to table it for 60 days to give the Planning Commission the opportunity to take another look at it. However, the applicant asked that they go ahead and vote, which they did, denying the application outright. 

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