Loganville City Council approves rezoning to allow for 131 townhomes off Tommy Lee Fuller Road

Citizens were appreciative of conditions of rezone

Property off Tommy Lee Fuller to be developed into 131 Townhomes. Credit: Googlemaps

The Loganville City Council Thursday approved a rezone from O&I TM8 for 17.52 acres off Tommy Lee Fuller Road for 131 townhomes. The Planning Commission as well as the Planning and Zoning Department had recommended approval. Since it was already filed when Loganville placed a 90-day moratorium on any more applications on multi-family units, this was one that had to be adjudicated. It also was the subject of a lawsuit by the property owner and developers.

Residents, however, were not happy that the development was going forward, citing concerns about property values, traffic woes and school overcrowding. This prompted Loganville City Council members, with the help of Loganville City Attorney Robyn Webb, to place conditions on the rezone that appeared to satisfy all parties involved, including the developers as well as the residents.

These conditions were:

1.      The property shall be built in accordance with the concept plan dated June 18, 2020. This condition shall not prevent changes to the concept plan during the permit process and issuance of permits if required by City code, regulations, or ordinances or unforeseen natural site conditions (e.g. rock).

2.      The maximum number of townhome units shall be 131.

3.      The minimum square footage of each townhome unit shall be 1,600’.

4.      Each townhome unit shall have 2 or 3 bedrooms.

5.      The property shall be governed by a homeowner’s association created in accordance with the Georgia Property Owner’s Association Act. The declaration shall include covenants providing the following:

a.       The percentage of townhome units rented at any given time shall not exceed 20%; and

b.      The number of townhome units that the declarant (including any successor-in-interest) may sell to the same person or entity for the first occupancy of the townhome unit shall not exceed three.

c.       Affirmative vote of 100% of homeowners required in order to change any covenant required by this zoning condition #5.

d.      No resident or guest on street parking will be allowed.

6.      Applicant (including any successor-in-interest) shall fund an upgrade to the public sewer system necessary to serve the property as determined by the City. Such upgrade shall be funded no later than the issuance of the first building permit.

7.       Applicant (including any successor-in-interest) shall install an eight-foot-tall wooden privacy fence within the side yard setback as shown on the concept plan along the entire southern property line.

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