Loganville City Council recount set for Monday morning

A recount is set Monday at 9 a.m. for the Loganville City Council race. Keith Colquitt, who finished in fourth place by two votes, requested the recount. Colquitt had 312 votes behind third- place finisher Patti Wolfe with 314.

The difference had been one vote but an accepted provisional ballot pushed it to a two-vote difference, Walton County Director of Elections Jenni Phipps said.

Colquitt requested the recount once the vote total was certified.

Lisa Newberry was first among the eight candidates in the Nov. 7 race. Newberry had 470 total votes while Bill DuVall, the lone incumbent running, had 345. Cathy Swanson was fifth with 298 followed by Adam Shanks (199), Bill Williams (136) and Spring Hoffman Crowder (66 votes).

Wolfe said she understands why Colquitt requested the recount and respects it.

“In order for Keith to win, the recount must produce three votes in his favor,” Wolfe said. “That could certainly happen. This election has been so bizarre, nothing would surprise me.”

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