Loganville downtown revitalization market study to be presented to council, public on Thursday

LOGANVILLE, Ga. — In January, city officials in Loganville commissioned an independent study by real estate consultants Haddow and Company on the viability of a proposal by Connolly Investment and Development company to redevelop the Main Street area in a partnership with the city. That study has now been completed and Haddow & Co will present the results at a called meeting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 27, at Loganville City Hall. The community is invited to attend the meeting.

At the time that the study was commissioned, Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez said that despite what many people were saying, officials were taking their time and doing the homework on the project before passing judgement.

“Bringing in someone not associated with this project, with years of experience in the real estate industry, will be another important piece of the puzzle for us as we decide how to redevelop the downtown area of Loganville,” Martinez said.

Many in Loganville are concerned about the proposal that could result in an influx of some 800 apartments. The concerns about potential impacts on traffic, school overcrowding and devaluations of properties arose following the announcement late last year of the partnership between the City and the Connolly Investment and Development company for the proposed $180 million revitalization project. As a result, a group was formed on Social Media, Concerned Citizens for Loganville Growth, the members of which have taken a keen interest in the progress of the project.

Last week, Connolly, the proposed developer partnering with the city on the redevelopment project, announced the release of the Development of Regional Impact (DRI) Traffic Study. The study reportedly found that there would not be a significant impact to the traffic flow by the proposal presented by Connolly. According to a press release by Connolly, the independent study in the Transportation Research Board’s Highway Capacity Manual revealed that “the level-of-service for most of the studied intersections in the area will continue to operate at satisfactory levels.” It reportedly noted that at the two most congested intersections in the area, a level of service “E” can be maintained with system improvements that are already being studied by the Georgia DOT as a solution to the existing congestion.

“With a vision of providing the City of Loganville with a high-quality downtown, we are pleased with the findings of the traffic study,” Timothy “J.R.” Connolly, CEO of CONNOLLY said in the press release. “We want to provide the City of Loganville and its citizens with a Main Street experience including live, work and play at its finest that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Knowing that traffic will not be significantly impacted by the development helps to solidify this goal and will help to ensure the development is successfully integrated into the community.”

The study noted that traffic operations are projected to continue with insignificant differences between the “Build” and “No Build” conditions. In addition, the study contains recommendations of future improvements including removing the state route designation from Main Street.

The proposed project will combine “expansion of public parks and greenspace, improved public infrastructure, a new city hall and library with new retail and community spaces, townhomes and luxury living units that will cater to everyone from the young professional to the active adult,” Connolly notes. If approved, work is projected to begin on the project in 2020. Plans include creating a pedestrian-friendly environment anchored by more than 90,000-square-feet of retail and office space, active adult residences and luxury living units.

“With the project completed in phases, we expect to see that the proposed redevelopment and revitalization support needed roadway improvements that currently exist and prioritized by GDOT,” Connolly said.

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