Loganville extends moratorium on development of multifamily units

The City of Loganville on Aug. 13 extended the moratorium on applications for the development of multifamily units for another 60-days. A 60-day moratorium was initial instituted on June 16 in the wake of a public outcry earlier this year after plans submitted by Connolly Development included a proposed 800 apartments in the downtown Loganville area. In March, the City Council subsequently voted to scap the whole development until further notice.

Loganville City Attorney Robyn Webb said it was was necessary to extend it for another 60 days in order to consider the changes to the ordinance as far as multi-family units were concerned. The City Council is looking at possibly making the RM-8 classification obsolete.

“We need that time to get it through the planning commission and get their recommendation before bringing it before the council,” Webb said.

RM-8 is the highest density allowed in the multifamily residential development classification. In the Zoning Ordinance, the RM-8 multifamily residential moderate density apartments district is classified as being intended “to provide suitable areas for multifamily dwellings at medium to high densities, with access to both public water and sewer.”

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