Loganville Fire Department receives grant from Walton County Health Care Foundation

Press release from Robbie Schwarz, Media Specialist for the City of Loganville

Funds will be used to purchase Lucas chest compression device

(May 16, 2019) The Loganville Fire Department on Thursday received a grant from the Walton County Health Care Foundation for the purchase of life-saving equipment.

The Loganville Fire Department received a grant from the Walton County Health Care Foundation which totaled more than $15,000 and will be used to purchase a Lucas chest compression system. Photo credit: Robbie Schwartz

“We are truly grateful for this grant from the Walton County Health Care Foundation,” LFD Chief Carl Morrow said. “The role of a firefighter has evolved into one that goes beyond just fighting fires — a large number of the calls we respond to are medical. With the advancements of technology, there is a way for CPR to be provided at the scene that allows for those with boots on the ground to perform other necessary life-saving functions during an emergency. And I firmly believe that if this device can save even one life, then it has paid for itself.”

The Loganville Fire Department responded to more than 2,000 calls for service in 2018 — though only 53 were for structure fires. The bulk of the remaining calls were medical calls, meaning these firefighters are often first on the scene and finding themselves performing life-saving procedures until EMS personnel arrive.

The grant totaled more than $15,000 and will be used for the purchase of a Lucas 3 chest compression system, which wraps around a patient and has a plunger style cup that aligns with the heart and performs endless effective and consistent chest compressions. Chest compressions are able to be done without fatigue or interruptions.

The Walton County Health Care Foundation, Inc., was created by the sale of the Walton Medical Center and awards grants to promote health and delivery of health care to the residents of Walton County, but only to the extent such purposes are charitable, scientific or educational and believed by the foundation to be economically sound. More information can be found at www.wchcfi.com.


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