Loganville firefighter tests positive for COVID-19

Loganville City Manager Danny Roberts confirmed at the City Council meeting Thursday that one of the firefighters with the Loganville Fire Department has tested positive for COVID-19.

“He and some of the other firefighters and in the Police Department are in quarantine,” Roberts said. “The fire stations have been sterilized as well as the higher traffic areas in all city buildings are regularly sanitized.”

Due to HIPAA laws, no other specific information about the firefighter is being made available.l

Roberts said that the city is using foggers with an electronic mist that kills the virus when it hits the surface and the mayor has encouraged masks and social distancing.

“We are going to buy some of those machines and put them in the Fire Department, the Police Department and the Courts,” Roberts said. “We are hoping we can use the CARES Act through Gwinnett County to try and get all the money back that we’ve had to use for COVID-19.”

Roberts said the city is hoping to get all the money reimbursed, even the payroll including special pay for public safety, from the Federal Government. Gwinnett County, as a higher infection area, is one of five counties in the state that could get the money directly from the federal government without having to go through the state.

This latest positive case in Walton County comes on top of recent positive tests in the Walton County courts, the Walton County jail and in a Loganville daycare center. Alcovy Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Horace Johnson passed away on July 1 two days after testing positive for COVID-19. There will be a public viewing in Covington today honoring his life.

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