Loganville hairdresser gets a surprise dream wedding 2 decades after marrying the man of her dreams

Andy and Mickey Nash on their special Vow Renewal Wedding Day, 20 years later. Contributed photo

The year 2021 did not turn out quite as well as many had hoped after the mess that was 2020, but for one local hairdresser it ended in the best way possible. She got the wedding of her dreams – 20 years after marrying the man of her dreams. And along with it she also got the validation that her two decades of being a wife and mother were worth every minute.

Mickey Nash with her daughter, Taylor Martinelli. Photo Credit: Jasmine Lackey Photography

When Mickey Nash, the owner of Nash Hair Studio in Loganville, married Andy Nash 20 years ago, it was a family commitment for her. She didn’t only marry Andy, but also his 8-year-old daughter, Taylor. However, it wasn’t a large traditional big wedding. It was a small affair at the courthouse – but it made them a family.

“I used the term ‘stepmom’ for most of my life. But as I’ve gotten older and began to see what was best for me and my life, I realized she’s not my stepmom, she’s just my mom,” said Taylor Martinelli, an employee in the ER at Piedmont Walton. “When her and my father, Andy, got married 20 years ago, they just got married at the courthouse. Nothing big and crazy. Not even a white dress!”

A little more than a year ago, Taylor decided she would like to give her mom that wedding of her dreams and she would make it a surprise. She solicited the help of her father for the plans.

“Mickey did not know anything until we got to the venue! We have a photographer friend, Kelley Channell, who I reached out to earlier last year and asked if she’d help me get Mickey in a wedding dress. I had found one online that I thought was very much her style. So I went into her closet one night when I was over at my parents’ house and got her dress size and shoe size. Kelley reached out to Mickey and told her she was looking for ‘an older bride’ to model for her portfolio and wanted to know if Mickey was interested. She agreed,” Taylor said. “I went to her studio a few weeks before and dropped off the dress to Kelley. As luck would have it, it fit her and she loved it! So that’s how I tricked her into a dress.”

Taylor did order some of the pictures and framed them for the dressing room at the Wedding venue – The White Fox Cottage in Commerce.

“Fast forward to the day of. My dad told Mickey they were going on a trip for their anniversary. So the morning of, I go to their house. Mickey was understandably confused. I walked in and said, ‘I need you to come with me. No questions asked.’ She agreed. So we get in the car, and we head towards Athens. That’s where I had a hair appointment set up for her,” Taylor said. “About half way there, I told her to look up on her phone ‘an updo for something really special.’ She picked out a low bun which worked perfectly.”

Taylor then drove to Commerce for the big occasion.

“She probably asked me 100 times what is going on. We get to The White Fox Cottage, where the ceremony would be, and we pull up front. I get out, run around to her side of the car and open her car door. I said ‘Come with me.’ We get to the front door of the wedding venue and I stopped her right at the doors and I said ‘Give me your hands.’

Taylor said she was so nervous she was nauseous, but she proceeded to tell her mother what was in her heart.

“I said, ’20 years ago, when you and dad got married, you did not get the wedding you deserved. Over the past year all I’ve done is plan this special night just for you. So tonight, you and dad are going to be renewing your wedding vows. I’ve invited about 150 of our closest friends and family and they’ll all be here in a few hours.”

In the foyer of the venue was sign that read, “Welcome to our vow renewal” and a big canvas of a picture of them 20 years ago.

Photo credit: Jasmine Lackey Photography

“After that, I walked her into the dressing room where I had her mom, best friend, and my two sisters waiting to surprise her. She was inconsolable for about an hour,” Taylor said. “After that, we spent the afternoon getting ready in the dressing room just like any traditional wedding. My father was in the loop. He helped plan the whole thing with me. I very much enjoyed spending the past year planning this with him.”

The ceremony took place outside at 5 p.m. on Dec. 4, 2021, followed by a wedding reception.

“We had about 150 people who came! And not one of them told her! It worked out beautifully. Her and my dad spent a few days at Château Elan afterwards. I was over the moon to make her feel so special and understand she is so deserving, Taylor said.

And judging by her mother’s response when she shared her excitement on her Facebook page, Taylor achieved exactly what she set out to do.

“I Still “DO” & forever Will love this man, but it wasn’t JUST this man I married 20 years ago. There was this Beautiful, bright blue-eyed Angel, only 8 years old (the exact age that her youngest sibling is now). Taylor Martinelli taught me how to be a Mom. She’s my first, and she makes me so VERY proud…little did I know what God was orchestrating so many years ago,” Mickey wrote, going on to say, “She planned and worked tirelessly (for an entire YEAR) to give me the wedding of my DREAMS 💘 I’ve NEVER in my life felt more Loved and Honored by my Taylor, my family, and our friends who came to Celebrate Us. I love you more than life baby girl!”

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