Loganville mayor apologizes for incident at city’s Post Office

by Chris Bridges - the Walton Tribune

First-term Loganville mayor Skip Baliles posted a public apology on social media on Friday concerning an incident at the city’s Post Office last week.

The entire statement concerning the April 18 incident, as written by the mayor, reads:

“During a recent stop at the Loganville Post Office, I noticed the outside trash can was full and there was trash around the parking lot. I emptied the trash can into my trash bag and was removing the debris from the parking lot and suddenly I had an urgent need to urinate. I moved over to my vehicle and stood on the passenger side with the door open to hide myself and relieved myself. I was finishing picking up the remaining debris and preparing to leave when the Postmaster came out and asked if I was using the bathroom by my car and I responded that I had. I apologized and left the parking lot. I received a call when I got home informing me the Postmaster had called the Loganville Police to report the incident. A report was taken by the Loganville Police. After a review of the details of the situation, ultimately Loganville Police did not file any charges because no City ordinance or State statute was violated.

“Please know I put myself in this situation and the fault is all mine. It’s a life’s lesson and believe me, I will find a restroom in the future or go home with wet pants. In hindsight, I understand my decision made on Tuesday afternoon was a poor one and I am embarrassed for the resulting trouble that I alone caused. If I could go back and change that decision, I would but that is not the way it works. I have contacted every Council member and related this story with an apology. I never want anyone to be blind sided by any situation that I have caused. I now offer the same apology to the Citizens of Loganville and the general public and ask for your understanding. I have been contemplating seeing a urologist and the process will come to the forefront of my efforts in the near future.

“I know in politics that I have attracted some who will attempt to have a field day with this. Please express those thoughts toward me and not the City of Loganville. As stated previously this is all on me for allowing myself to be put into this situation. We have a great City with great employees working everyday to make it better. We have great first responders who put themselves in harm’s way for all of us and save countless lives every year. Please respect their efforts and sacrifices.

With sincere


Skip Baliles

Loganville Mayor

P.S. Recently your City was ranked 14th. best in Georgia handling crime out of 539 cities. I’m proud of that and expect to continuing to put public safety as our number one priority.”

Baliles served two terms on the Loganville City Council before running for mayor when Rey Martinez decided to run for State Senate.

The incident has caused some Loganville residents to question why no charges were filed, perhaps for public indecency.

City of Loganville spokesman Brett Fowler said Monday neither police chief Dick Lowry or other city officials would have any comment on the incident.

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