Loganville Middle Archery Travels to Worlds Tournament 

By Joshua Walker

For the past few years, Walton County has become a powerhouse for school archery. Bay Creek Elementary School has been awarded numerous times for its archery merit, including top honors at a GA-NASP tournament a few years back. Fortunately for Loganville Middle School, some extremely good archers have gone on to continue shooting in middle school, and on July 22, those archers traveled to Orlando, Fla. in the Orange County Convention Center to show off their skills at the 2017 Worlds Archery Tournament.

Loganville Middle School Archery Team. Contributed photo

First on the schedule for the day was the 3D Event at 8:00 a.m. 3D archery consists mainly of shooting 3D targets such as plastic deer, and Loganville Middle School did very well, placing 17th out of 30 teams (the top 30 teams of the world, mind) with a solid score of 1595. Shooters Matthew Russell, Chandler Haulk, Jessie Rogers, Brayden Dickerson, Blaine Boling, and Saniyya Derico all shot in the 260’s and 270’s as the top six finishers for Loganville Middle.

An hour later, the archers competed in the Bullseye Event where LMS archery again pulled out a stunning score of 3243 and placed 14th out of 66 teams. The top 12 shooters from Loganville included Jessie Rogers, Blaine Boling, Megan Taylor, Tanner Truesdell, Saniyya Derico, Andrew Bell, Ashton Ortiz, Brayden Dickerson, Chandler Haulk, Madison Russell, Lucas Wang, and Matthew Russell. Jessie Rogers came back home with a 6th overall ranking out of 295 other fifth grade-girls, and also with the highest LMS Bullseye Event score of 283 with Blaine Boling one point behind.

Coach Dennis Truesdell of Loganville Middle Archery was elated at his teams’ results.

“This team had a very successful tournament after a long delay. We had kids step up and shoot personal best today,” he said.

After dominating at regionals and nationals, it was a well-earned day in Orlando on Saturday. The sports enthusiasts of Walton County hope for another stunning performance next year.

“Very proud of this team.” said Truesdell, “It has been an awesome year.”


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