Loganville officials lower millage rates

by Stephen Milligan - the Walton tribune

The city of Loganville voted to set its millage rates for the year, approving changes to accept the rollback rate on both the Walton and Gwinnett numbers.

The city voted to set the gross millage rate for Walton County at 14.502 mills. Once subtracting the local option sales tax rollback of 3.691 and the reassessed value change of .726 mills, the final number comes in at 10.085, a decrease from last year’s net rate of 10.811.

The city also approved on the Gwinnett County rate for the city of 9.789. Subtracting the value change of .957 mills brings in a final rate of 8.832, a drop of nearly a full mill from last year’s rate of 9.789.

Both votes were approved unanimously at a special called meeting of the Loganville City Council earlier this month.

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