Loganville officials recognize 2 Latham Sanitation workers for helping rescue a home from fire

Sanitation workers began dousing fire with pool water using recycling bins

From left: Latham Sanitation workers Caleb Wade and Gabriel Ruiz Velasco with Loganville Mayor Skip Baliles and Councilman Bill Duvall at recognition ceremony for the two workers who helped prevent a home from being damaged by fire when pool pump burned out.

Latham Sanitation workers used recycling bins to scoop water from the pool to put out the fire

LOGANVILLE, GA – At the Loganville City Council meeting on June 13, two employees with Latham Sanitation were recognized for going above and beyond in performing their duties.

According to Loganville officials, Latham Sanitation workers Caleb Wade and Gabriel Ruiz Velasco were picking up recycling items in Chandler Walk recently when they noticed smoke coming from the back of a home. On going to investigate, they found the pool pump on fire and the fire was in danger of spreading to the back of the home. They proceeded to grab recycling bins and began trying to put the fire out with water from the pool before the Loganville Fire Dept arrived, thereby preventing damage to the home.

Loganville Mayor Skip Baliles presented Wade and Velasco with a Resolution honoring them for their service to the community. He also gave them each a Loganville t-shirt with the newly approved City of Loganville emblem as well as a Loganville Mayor’s hat pin.

“I read a report not long ago that the job as a sanitation garbage worker is very, very high on the list of riskiest jobs there are its number four on the list,” Baliles said, going on to thank the workers for their service.

The recognition was given to the two men in honor of National Waste and Recycling Workers Week during the week of June 17. The week recognizes the dedicated efforts of the men and women who keep our communities clean. June 17th is also Global Garbage Man Day.

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