Loganville-opoly hits local Walmart shelves

Loganville Walmart gets into the gaming business; that is if Monopoly is your game. Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez announced last week that the Walmart in Loganville was selling a Loganville-centric Monopoly board game.

“Our City has reached the Mountain Top when there’s a board game named after you. Welcome to LOGANVILLE-OPOLY,” Martinez announced on Facebook, immediately setting off a rush on Loganville Walmart. The bad news, at least for the moment, it is now sold out!

Martinez added a few interesting comments to note about Loganville Monopoly.

“Very inexpensive rent in DT & MainStreet Loganville, Get out of Traffic Jam FREE and my favorite. Mayor payment for voters,” Martinez said. “Loganville your Mayor needs a raise.

It is likely that the Get out of Traffic Jam Free card would be in high demand.

Martinez went on to encourage residents to purchase one while supplies last at Loganville Walmart and many did just that. Consequently there are no supplies left.

With a bit of luck, the quick sell-out will prompt Walmart in Loganville to restock in short order!

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