Loganville places 60-day moratorium on applications for development of multifamily units

The City of Loganville reported at Monday night’s Council work session that it will be placing a 60-day Moratorium on applications for the development of multifamily units. This comes on the heels of a public outcry earlier this year after plans submitted by Connolly Development included a proposed 800 apartments in the downtown Loganville area. In March, the City Council subsequently voted to scap the whole development until further notice.

According to the Resolution introduced by Loganville City Attorney Robyn Webb, the City of Loganville is committed to regulating multifamily residential density withing the City “in a way that allows the growth of development while also recognizing the need for appropriate regulations.”

Webb did note, however, that it would not be possible to prevent all rentals coming to the city.  Under the Georgia Fair Housing laws it was necessary to allow for affordable rental properties in a jurisdiction. The ones on the Maxie Price property, the ones on Highway 81 that are part of the Logan Point and the ones off Sharon Church Road are all already zoned for apartments. If approved, the ones on Tommy Lee Fuller also will not be stopped by the moratorium as they are already in the process.

The moratorium has been placed on the consent agenda for Thursday’s City Council meeting. The meeting is at 6:30 p.m. on June 11, 2020 in Council Chambers at Loganville City Hall. The public is invited to attend. Social distancing is practiced.

The full agenda follows.


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