Loganville police officer goes above and beyond

Dwayne Bell was on his way home from a fishing outing on Easter Sunday when he passed through Loganville, Ga. A glance in his rearview mirror warned him that a Loganville police officer was tailgating him, so he did what most everybody does when they see a police officer behind them – he slowed down his speed a little.

“The cop pulls from behind me and gets on my passenger side while approaching a red light, and he lets down his window as if he was gonna talk,” Bell said in a Facebook post that is getting a lot of attention. Bell said he let down his window and the officer told him that he had a flat tire that needed some air.

“So I was like, ‘Yes Sir, I’ll try and hobble to the next gas station to get some air,'” Bell said. The officer then indicated a gas station up the road and offered an escort, just in case the tire were to blow.

Loganville Police Officer James King putting air in tire of a motorist passing through Loganville with a flat tire. Contributed photo

“We got to the gas station and he hops out and greets everyone and then he starts putting air in my tire and examined my tire to find the hole,” Bell said. The officer then went on to let Bell know that the hole was pretty big and it possibly wouldn’t hold. He said he was actually off duty and on his way home and offered to take Bell to get his tire and help him put it on. Bell said he wanted the public to know that this officer from the Loganville Police Department did himself and the department proud.

“He could’ve chosen to go home after a hard day, but his heart had other ideas,” Bell said. “Moral of the story – can we all just say thank you for your service and God bless you.”

Officer James King is second from left. Contributed photo

The officer Bell is speaking about is new LPD police recruit James King. Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh said King graduated from the Police Academy this year and if he were a car, “he’d still have that new car smell.” McHugh said he also is not at all surprised to hear about the actions of the young police officer.

“He’s just the type of person who wants to help others and would do that anyway. Being a police officer gives him a little more credibility and helps him to be able to do things like that,” McHugh said. “People are naturally distrustful, and they should be, but being a police officer does help out.”

McHugh said it obviously is good to know that there are still people who recognize that police officers are people who have a kind heart and the majority of the time do whatever they can to help people.

“That’s the kind of things we like to do – the bad things are the least favorite,” McHugh said. “It is good this day and time to hear people accentuate the positive.”


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