Loganville resident, 96, makes masks for staff at the Retreat and grandchildren in healthcare

Nancy Williams, a resident at the Retreat at Loganville, is 96 years old and most who know her will attest to the fact that she’s always been a firecracker. She’s also a lady of many talents.

“Above all, she’s always been a great seamstress! At 96, she’s still at it on her sewing machine making mask for workers at her facility and to send to the grands who are working in healthcare,” her daughter, Joan Ottinger, noted in a Facebook post. “I believe she’s made close to 50, with more fabric headed her way!”

Ottinger said her mother had actually made close to 75 by this week when her sewing machine just couldn’t take the pace.

“She’s kind of come to halt. I had to take the sewing machine to be repaired,” Ottinger said. “She gave a lot of the masks to the staff there at the facility. “I’m sending some to Vanderbilt University Hospital – her granddaughter is a doctor there in the ER – and some to my daughter-in-law Angie who is testing people in Warner Robins. I’m also sending some to my great-nephew, her great-grandson, who is a fireman paramedic in south Fulton in Atlanta.”
Nancy Williams, 96, of Loganville. Photo credit: Joan Ottinger

Ottinger said she explained to her mother that it was like the war effort back in World War II, and that was all it took. It will be a couple of weeks before the machine is back. Ottinger said dropping it off in this COVID-19 era of social distancing took some creativity. It had to be wiped down with disinfecting wipes and left outside the repair location to be picked up.

Getting another photograph of her mother also took some creativity as the Retreat at Loganville is on a strictly no visitors policy.
“She had to stand on one side of the glass door and I took the photograph from the other side,” Ottinger said.
With the recent decision by medical experts that it may be a good idea for the general public to wear masks when they do venture out, Williams could be on the threshold of a whole new business venture.


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