Loganville Student Chosen to Lead Girls Empowering Movement Physical Activity Program

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(NORCROSS, GA)— Brookelyn Dunn, McConnell Middle School 8th grader, has been selected by HealthMPowers as a student leader for the new Girls Empowering Movement Program (GEM). Sponsored by The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, GEM is a five-year statewide initiative to improve middle school girls’ physical activity.

Spurred by Georgia FitnessGram® data that shows a sharp decline in girls’ aerobic capacity from 51 percent in 5th grade to only 31 percent in 12th grade and a gender disparity in fitness levels among middle school girls and boys, the program will empower and engage 18,000 girls from 120 sites across Georgia. The GEM program will be implemented in schools, Girl Scout Troops, and Boys and Girls Clubs starting in the fall of 2021.
 “GEM is different from other physical activity programs because it is being created by girls, for girls,” said Brookelyn Dunn. “This means the program is made by girls who are the same age as the girls who will be in the program, making it more relatable.”

The Girls Empowering Movement is a collaborative initiative led by HealthMPowers in partnership with: Boys and Girls Clubs of Georgia, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, and Wolf Wellness Lab at the University of West Georgia. The organizations are working together to ensure that the girls’ voice drives all program elements and keeps them at the forefront.

Brookelyn is one of only 14 middle school girls from across the state selected to serve on the GEM Leadership Team. The girls have been working closely with HealthMPowers staff during the design phase of the program and collectively decided on the name GEM because they felt it represented the strength, value and confidence they hope to inspire in their peers. The Team also announced the project in a videoand provided direction in creating the GEM logo.

“The collaboration and insights from the GEM Leadership Team have been integral to creating a physical activity program tailored to meet girls’ needs,” said Christi Kay, Project Director, HealthMPowers.

As a leader in this movement to get more girls active, Brookelyn looks forward to the impact GEM will have on her peers, “All middle school girls should have a chance to try different types of physical activities together. GEM will help girls across Georgia be more aware of the problem and give them opportunities to become fit with friends.”
For more information about the Girls Empowering Movement (GEM) program, visit HealthMPowers.org/GEM.

Brookelyn Dunn – 8th GradeMcConnell Middle School Gwinnett County

Hello! My name is Brookelyn and I love to act. In the school play, I was Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”. I also like to paint and make jewelry for my business, “Dunn Design”. One day I hope to be a world famous actress or an entrepreneur. I love to lead and take charge. I’m part of this group because I really like being active and having fun with other girls my age. I think all middle school girls should have a chance to try different types of physical activities together.

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HealthMPowers promotes healthy habits to build a better future for children. By integrating nutrition education and physical activity into schools, early care centers, and out of school time sites, the settings where children spend their time, we create a culture that supports lifelong healthy lifestyle choices for children, families and communities. To learn more about how you can build a healthier future for children, visit HealthMPowers.org.

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