Loganville United, Inc. to host Thanksgiving Service in LHS auditorium Nov. 21

Loganville United, Inc. is inviting everyone to its 4th annual community wide Thanksgiving Service at the Loganville High School auditorium, November 21st, 7:00 pm.

John Sauers shares the history of the beginnings Loganville United, Inc.

If we step back 30 years or more there was a community wide Thanksgiving Service whereby the churches would come together and meet at another church for a Thanksgiving Day message and gives thanks for what God has done for this community, state and nation.  As the Loganville area began to develop, this tradition stopped.

In 2015, Bobby Bullard was heading up King’s Kids, a group of about 120 students, with a passion for God, a yearning for the teaching of the Holy Scriptures and the acknowledgement of Jesus as the Messiah of the world and Son of God.  The King’s Kids had a desire to pray for Loganville and from this calling the City of Loganville was divided by Bobby Bullard, a land planner, into 153 sections.  Prayer began six months prior to Bullard’s work with churches praying 40 days before each of the 153 sections were walked by multiple churches in the area, two by two and more, stopping and knocking on each door to present the Good News of Jesus Christ and asked if there was anything that could be prayed for their needs.  This occurred in June of 2015 and in July a festival honoring God on the City of Loganville’s “Town Green” brought together multiple churches and ministries together with diverse Christian music to celebrate the unity of the Body of Christ.  Form this humble beginning, Loganville United took root and now has quarterly events bringing all churches from the area to gather in unity and celebrate our national Christian heritage. 

Today Loganville United has monthly prayer at rotating different churches with lunch to follow, a summer festival gathering on the “Town Green” where churches and ministries gather together to celebrate God’s work in our community, a Welcome Wagon greeting each new resident to the area and random acts of kindness in our community.”

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