Loganville’s Firefighter of the Year was recognized at January City Council Meeting

Alaina Tredeau was recently named as the Firefighter of the Year for the Loganville Fire Department. She was recognized at the January Loganville City Council Meeting for the honor that was bestowed on her by her fellow firefighters.

Loganville Firefighter of the Year Alaina Tredeau, pictured with Loganville Fire Chief Carl Morrow, was recognized at the January 2019 Loganville City Council Meeting. Photo credit: Sharon Swanepoel

“Alaine has outstanding training and performance. She’s currently a firefighter with our organization and she has taken it a step above and has started doing some driver training, preparing herself for the next step in the fire service. That’s been done on her own time, her own dime – everything’s been done on her own wheel, so her coworkers have recognized her for that,” said Loganville Fire Chief Carl Morrow. “When she first came to the fire service she could barely crank a chain saw and I was told that she was having some issues with it. So I put a guy with her and said listen, every day you make her crank this chain saw. And now from what I’m hearing she has to teach the guys to crank a chainsaw.”


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