Long, hot summer days look set to continue into fall

Fall is little more than a week away, and it doesn’t look as though summer is going to release its hold on this long, hot summer season any time soon. We may have got a little reprieve Saturday with the much-appreciated rain, but it looks like we won’t be able to welcome Fall 2019 with anything less than a tall glass of ice water.

According to weather.com, the 10-day weather predictions have it going back up into the high 90s by Tuesday, Sept. 17, and we have a prediction of 93 on Sept. 23 for the first official day of fall. The good news is, however, the nights are beginning to cool down into the 60s and maybe even one or two high 50s. But that’s the only indication for right now that fall really is just around the corner.

However, if you’re one of those who really enjoy the beautiful fall colors, chances are they will appear sometime before Halloween. Georgia State Parks is hopeful too, and have put out Leafwatch 2019 to give the best places in Georgia to see the autumn foliage when it finally appears. Save the site for when summer finally releases its hold and lets us enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons in Georgia.

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