Looking for a job at the new Facebook data center?

Looking for a job at Newton Data Center, the new Facebook project coming to Stanton Springs? Watch this space!

According to Newton Data Center’s Facebook page, in the next couple of weeks it will begin to post jobs for this location on the Facebook Career Page. There already is one job posted in the Atlanta area for a regional data center security manager.

As Facebook’s 12th data center and the ninth in the United States, the company reports that it has seen the positive impacts on the surrounding communities and local economies where they are located. According to a recently released independent study, Facebook reports that “for every one data center job, there are five jobs supported elsewhere in the economy, and for every $1 million in capital expenditure, there are 15.5 jobs supported in the economy.”

As well as engineers and managers, Facebook expects there to be hundreds of construction and trade jobs generated between now and 2020 when the 970,000 square foot structure is expected be completed at Stanton Springs.

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