Reunited ! Lost Aussie Loganville

After spending the morning frantically searching for her , owner came home , got her son off the school bus and he whistled for her. She came running onto the back patio!!

Please help – We have a 5 yr old Aussie missing since around 8am this morning when my kiddos got on the bus in our Pebble Point neighborhood. I didn’t realize she went out when they did. Her name is Wyhlo (pronounced Willow). She is a black tri (black brown and white – her white looks orange due to my GA clay backyard from the rian lately). She is wearing an ATL Falcons collar with two tags, one is a light purple heart with her name engraved in it, the other is her rabies tag with her name on the back vinyled to the back of it. She’s very sweet, she doesn’t bite, more than likely will give you a face full of tailless wagging to no end! I drove around EVERY neighborhood surrounding mine, I have several people whom I gave my # helping as well. I’m hoping since I didn’t see her on the roads or in yards that someone is helping her out. She is my husband baby girl and he is very upset. =( Please please please if anyone see’s her let me know – any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

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