Reunited! Lost child’s red tiger Loganville

HELP PLEASE: Anyone living off Broadnax Mill Rd in Loganville (possibly New Hope rd), specifically in the Cevera Lakes neighborhood.

Thru a comedy of errors which none of us want to be found the guilty party my son’s 2 and a half foot red stuffed tiger was on top of the car when it left the house headed to the school to pick him up today. Needless to say he is now missing. Tiger is more than just a stuffed animal, he is his best friend and after having lost his Daddy last year this is the last thing he needs is to lose Tiger. PLEASE if you’ve seen him or have him in your care we desperately need him home. Please contact me here thru messenger and I will happily come pick him up.

(*I believe he was dressed in blue or green boxers and an orange T-shirt last… like I said more best friend than toy)

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