Lost microchipped dog Walnut Grove area

OP 3/15: Freckles has escaped from our fenced in yard! Please please let me know if you’ve seen her! (770-347-9186) Husband is driving around the Atlanta Baby Farms area (outside of Walnut Grove) around Old 138 and Hillview Dr looking for her! She’s missed dinner which is something she never does! She is chipped and very friendly. I’m in tears missing her and scared to death something may happen to her.

UPDATE 3/16 1:00 pm: No sightings and no calls. My dear sweet neighbor, Lisa, posted in couple more places for me. Still no word. Keep praying please!!!!! She’s just a year and half old, runs like the wind and is very fit. UTD on all shots & is microchipped. I’m heart sick with worry for her and missing her with all my heart.

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