Reunited ! Lost microchipped family cat while visiting In Loganville

Update : I first met Kati Ulrich by seeing her posts on local groups and made immediate contact . Her Bengal kitty had escaped out of their vehicle in Loganville right outside my own subdivision. I loaned her traps and quickly printed color fliers being they were traveling from Texas and had no home base here. Mickey on the first night as the family literally camped out on Harrison road made many appearances . He would meow to his human parents but refused to come close . He even sniffed the trap but made no attempt to go in. He would keep coming close to let his presence be known but not close enough to grab . Night two after setting up an air mattress on the flatbed of the truck to camp out again , he jumped in to be with his humans. They secured him by putting the cover over the flatbed , trapping him inside . I received a phone call from Kati asking for a garage to pull into with their truck to secure him for good . I could hear Mickey meowing upon his capture, stuck in the flatbed . I Called another local animal advocate with a large garage, Juliet Clark and within minutes Mickey was secured !!!! It was a joy to give pep talks of hope and texts of encouragement to Kati! Kati loves her Mickey so much she just never gave up ! Welcome home Mickey !! Safe travels back home !

My husband and I are from Texas but had to visit Loganville GA to settle some affairs. While at Legacy Bank off Harrison Road our cat escaped from our car. He was last seen running into the wooded area behind the bank. Please message me ASAP if he is seen or found. He is very skittish of strangers, he is chipped and his name is Mickey. My phone number is 904-263-0065

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