Found !!!!!Lost possibly injured dog after Car accident in Suwanee

Bella is home !!!!!

Bella is HOME from Bella’s mommy :

We live in the greatest community!
Thank you all for reposting and sharing. We can’t say how much we appreciate everyone in the community who searched for hours, walked up and down the railroad tracks and miles and miles in the park! We believe that her leash must have been caught on something as she chewed it in half which would explain why there were no sightings since last Saturday after the accident.

Bella strolled up to a young man in the Industrial park near where Dallas was whimpering the Tuesday night. He called him mom and said he thought Bella was the dog everyone has been looking for. His mom recognized Bella from the flyers and contacted Adrianne!

As my friend Robin said- don’t give up. Keep posting every day. Keep looking every day….

We thank you all for your prayers and searching. The community has brought her home!

Donate to the shelters, stay connected love your pets!


Saturday, our granddaughter was in a car accident due to road construction on Buford Highway in Suwanee. Her car skidded on loose gravel causing her to loose control of the vehicle. When she went into the poorly marked (1 barrel) deep trench, the car went airborne and flipped landing on the roof. All the windows were broken out and unfortunately Adrianne had to release Bella, her support animal because couldn’t get out of the vehicle and couldn’t hold onto her leash keeping her near the vehicle.

Both she and her friend were transported to the hospital with multiple injuries. It could have been much worse but they were attended to by a mystery doctor that just happened to be driving by on his way to the hospital.

We have not seen our sweet Bella since the accident Saturday evening around 6:30 or 7:00pm. There were two sightings soon after, but nothing since.

According to Robin from Angles Among Us Animal rescue, Bella should be in the area as animals tend to stay within two miles of the accident. She may be in the area hunkered down because she is afraid, just like humans they get upset and become so frightened it disorientates them. The last sighting was in Suwanee Creek Park. We have searched, posted flyers, spoken with many people, even had a search party on Sunday with no luck.We would love to bring our sweet Bella home as she is needed for my granddaughter. She’s very distinctive because she has three legs and is wearing a pink collar, leash and her support animal vest. She and my granddaughter support of each other because of Bella’s injuries where she lost her leg from a tragic accident as a puppy. If you see her call me or Rick. Don’t call her name or chase after her as it will most likely will scare her

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