Lowry officially takes the reins as Loganville’s new Police Chief

Maj. Greg Warnack named Assistant Loganville Police Chief

At Thursday’s Loganville City Council meeting, Interim Loganville Police Chief Dick Lowry was officially sworn in by Alcovy Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Foster as Loganville’s new police chief.

Lowry replaces retired police chief Mike McHugh.

As his first official duty as Chief of Police, Lowry named Major Greg Warnack to replace him as assistant police chief.

Both men gave emotional speeches, thanking their families, and their fellow officers, for supporting them in their careers.

Loganville Police Chief Dick Lowry

Lowry also addressed his staff in the police department, most of whom were in attendance for the swearing in ceremony. He let them know what he expected of the department.

“First and foremost, we will be exceptional – as individuals and as an agency. We will be exceptional because nobody cares about or remembers average. We will be exceptional so that when the time comes for us to hang up our gunbelts for the last time we will have ensured that we left for all the generations of officers that come behind us a legacy of excellence and dedication for them to emulate and follow. We will be exceptional.”

Loganville Assistant Police Chief Greg Warnack.

Lowry finished up with some words of encouragement for his whole department and asked them to “just believe.”

“Just believe that that badge on your chest still means something. It still represents something more important than any one of us. Just believe that despite the naysayers and the critics, who will always have the loudest voices, the people of this community, these people right here, they still need you, they still respect you and they still support you,” he said.

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