LPD Report: Restaurant employee charged with simple battery after physical altercation between her and the general manager

The City of Loganville Police Department reported the following incidents between the period June 1 – 15, 2021. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

June 1

A 31-year-old Loganville man was charged with disorderly conduct, driving while license suspended, and leaving the scene of an accident after allegedly striking a neighbor’s mailbox and then leaving the scene. The mailbox was found in the middle of the road and a white Honda CR-V was seen on a ring driving erratically before hitting the mailbox. A plastic part of the vehicle also was found at the scene. The vehicle was located parked in a driveway of a house and the resident reported that her son had moved the vehicle for someone to park, but she was not aware he had driven up the road in the vehicle. The son allegedly claimed he had just driven to the end of the cul-de-sac but had not hit any mailbox. He was found to have a suspended license and arrested, at which time he resisted. He was subsequently transported to jail and the disorderly conduct charge was added.

June 5

A 23-year-old Athens man was charged with driving without a license after he was involved in a fender bender. When his license came back suspended, he was booked and released on a copy of his citation. His juvenile sister, who was in the vehicle with him, was picked up by a family member.

June 7

A 22-year-old Loganville woman was charged with simple battery after getting into a dispute with the general manager at the restaurant where she worked. According to the police report, an employee at Popeye’s restaurant called the police to report that the general manager had punched her. Police report that the general manager, and other witnesses on the scene, reported that the manager had found the employee preparing food without gloves on and after a dispute about the incident, the manager allegedly asked the employee to leave as she was obviously “having a bad day.” When the employee responded by yelling and cursing, the manager (who is 6 months pregnant) opened the door and told her to leave before she called the police. The employee allegedly came towards her yelling and spat in her face – at which time the manager responded by punching her in the face. The employee left and went home, but returned and called the police to report an assault. After reviewing the evidence and questioning witnesses, the employee was arrested and charged with simple battery. She was transported to the Walton County Jail.

A 23-year-old Athens man driving a Jeep Wrangler was charged with driving while license suspended after he allegedly ran into the back of another vehicle that was stopped at a traffic light on GA 10. He told the officer that his foot slipped off the brake, resulting in the collision. Nobody was injured in the accident, but when his license came back suspended, he was charged with driving on a suspended license. He told the officer he had received a super speeder ticket in 2020 but had paid the fine. A family member came to pick up his juvenile sister who was in the vehicle with him. He was booked at LPD and released on a copy of the license.

June 15

A 35-year-old Loganville woman was arrested and charged with failure to stop at a stop/yield sign and possession of schedule 1 drugs following a traffic stop at the 3-way stop at Huntington Drive and Tuck Lane. The officer reported the smell of marijuana and the subject reportedly denied ever smoking in the vehicle. A probable cause search of the vehicle allegedly located a THC distillate as well as THC oil. She was subsequently arrested and transported to the Walton County Jail.

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