LPD Reports: Juvenile shoplifter flees, claims theft was a dare; woman charged with DUI after ignoring re-route due to downed power lines

The City of Loganville reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 1 – 9, 2022. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Sept. 3, 2022

  • A 40-year-old Snellville woman was charged with shoplifting, less than $500 when she was seen scanning an item for $2 seven times and then placing other items in the buggy. When she was stopped by loss prevention at Walmart, she had a receipt for $16.08 but was in possession of $105.85 worth of supposed scanned items. She was booked and released on a copy of the citation.
  • A 47-year-old Athens man was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with injury/damage after he left the scene after striking another vehicle and then leaving the scene. The driver of the second vehicle followed him and called police. He was subsequently arrested, booked at LPD and transported to Walton County Jail.

Sept. 4

  • A 29-year-old Buford woman was charged with reckless driving and open container violation after she was stopped speeding through an area that was being re-routed due to downed power lines, almost striking another vehicle. The woman had two children in the back seat crying with one asking that their mommy not be arrested. Officers saw an open container in the front seat console and she was not taking instruction from either fire official working the downed power lines and re-routing traffic or the officer who stopped her. The children were subsequently turned over to an aunt at her request and she was arrested and transported to Walton County Jail. The vehicle was towed.
  • A juvenile from Grayson was charged with shoplifting less than $500 and disorderly conduct after he took off running from Walmart loss prevention officer when police arrived. The officer followed in his car and eventually ordered him down under threat of a taser behind the Home Depot. He had dropped a backpack and beanie while running. The backpack contained $163.76 worth of stolen property. The juvenile said that he was only 16 and did it “on a dare.” He said he didn’t know why he ran, that he got a fright when he saw the officer. He was booked, charged at LPD and released.

Sept. 5

  • A 22-year-old Loganville transgender person was charged with simple battery, and obstructing law enforcement officers and another person who identified as their wife was charged with disorderly conduct following an incident that had the transgender person running to assist in an altercation that was already underway between the wife and another women. The officers intervened and were subjected to resistance and obscenities being hurled at them. After taken statements from witnesses, the two were subsequently arrested and taken to the Walton County jail.

Sept. 6

  • A 36-year-old Loganville man was picked up from Conyers authority on a warrant out of Loganville for failure to appear. He was booked at LPD and released after paying a cash bond.

Sept. 9

  • A 48-year-old Norcross man was charged with speeding and driving without a valid license/no license after he was stopped for speeding in a school zone. The vehicle was towed and the driver was booked at LPD and released on a copy of the citations.

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