LPD Reports: Man arrested at Loganville carnival for possibly stalking an attendee to the carnival; male charged with public drunkenness for vaping and harassing students at LHS baseball game

The City of Loganville Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 1 – 15, 2024. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

May 1

  • A female subject was picked up on a warrant following a traffic stop. She had to run into the house to grab her license. When a check of it came back a warrant out of Gwinnett County, the information was confirmed and she was booked at LPD and transported to Walton County jail.

May 4

  • A male subject was picked up on a warrant out of Walton County when he was identified while officers were working a three-vehicle crash in Loganville. His vehicle and personal items were turned over to his fiancee at his request and he was transported to Walton County Detention Center.
  • A male subject was picked up on a warrant and charged with driving with a suspended tag after his tag alerted on the FLOCK camera as he was driving through Loganville. He was stopped at the Racetrack and when Sandy Springs Police Department confirmed the warrant and wanted him held, he was arrested and transported to Walton County jail.
  • A male subject was charged with public drunkenness, vaping within a school safety zone, obstructing law enforcement officers and criminal trespass-business after police responded to the Loganville High School baseball game on a call reporting a white male harassing students. He was vaping and was asked to leave by the school principal, and then by the police. He initially did not make an attempt to leave. When he did stand up, he allegedly picked up a hoodie and purse that did not belong to him that was on the table at which he was sitting. When the officer grabbed the items from him, he turned around and made a movement toward the officer. He was subsequently taken to the patrol car with the assistance of an officer from Peachtree City Police. He resisted getting into the vehicle by sitting on the ground, at which time it became obvious that he smelled strongly of alcohol. He was initially refused admission at the jail due to the alcohol. He was first medically cleared at Piedmont Walton before being transported back to Walton County jail.

May 5

  • A male subject was charged with obstructing law enforcement and criminal trespass -business after he was allegedly causing a disturbance at the Fastlane Car Wash. When officers arrived he was punching and kicking the washing machines. He refused to leave and police eventually placed him under arrest. He was taken to Piedmont Walton, to be medically cleared due to an elevated heart rate, before being transported to the Walton County jail.

May 8

  • A male subject was charged with driving without a valid license and for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle after he was see driving in the area of Main Street in Loganville on a moped. He was reportedly unsteady on the moped and was not wearing a helmet. He advised he had once had a license, in Florida, but no longer had one. That information was confirmed and the subject was booked at LPD, his moped was picked up by a towing company, and the subject was cited before being given a courtesy ride back to Loganville City Hall.

May 10

  • A Loganville man was picked up on a warrant for theft for allegedly stealing a pressure washer from the Citgo on Highway 20. Police report that he confessed to taking the item and said it was located at his residence and he would be willing to give it back. Nevertheless, he was arrested and transported to Walton County jail.

May 11

  • An Atlanta man was charged with loitering or prowling after he was seen at the Loganville carnival with no headlights on and driving erratically. When police approached he could be seen manipulating a gun in the vehicle. He was commanded at gunpoint to exit the vehicle with his hands up and was subsequently handcuffed. He told police he was there to meet his girlfriend and had been texting her, but she was not responding. The girl he was allegedly there to meet arrived and said it could possibly be a jealousy issue and she had no idea why he was there. She was there with a friend. He kept yelling from the back of the patrol car, demanding to know why she was not answering his texts. He was subsequently placed under arrest for loitering and prowling and the vehicle he was in was impounded. An AM-15 short rifle and Magpul PMAG 7 with 15 rounds were secured in evidence.

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