LPD Reports: Relatively quiet holiday season with regard to crime in Loganville

At Friday’s TRIAD meeting, Loganville Police Chief Mike McHugh echoed the Walton County Sheriff’s Office observation that it appeared to be quieter than usual when it came to petty crime over the holiday season. He went on, however, to warm attendees that scams appear to be on the rise and spoke of one that scammers had attempted on him recently. He said it was an email from “Amazon fulfillment” checking on a supposed telephone he had ordered.

“They want you to verify information and that way get the information from you. Don’t fall for that,” McHugh said. He also spoke on an instance in the past where someone had somehow make a copy of his driver’s license and manufactured their own driver’s license with their image and his information. They had managed to purchase a new sprint phone with the information.

“Do yourself a favor and check your credit reports,” he said.

The City of Loganville PD reported the following incidents for December 2019. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dec. 8, 2019

A 48-year-old Loganville man was charged with shoplifting less than $500, disorderly conduct and picked up on a warrant after he was seen on surveillance allegedly skip scanning items in the self-checkout lane at Walmart. The amount not scanned was $71.36. He admitted to taking the items and offered to pay for them, but gave an incorrect name. He subsequently confessed that the name he had given was not correct and he was scared to give the correct name as he had shoplifted before. After checking the correct name, it was also discovered that he had warrants out of two jurisdictions. He was arrested and transported to Walton County jail.

A 56-year-old Conyers woman was charged with shoplifting less than $500 after she was seen allegedly skip-scanning items at the self-checkout lane at Walmart on surveillance video. She appeared to have difficulties scanning some items and went back over them again, but placed others in the bag without scanning them. She was hearing impaired and that could have affected her ability to correctly hear the prompt that an item had been scanned. The items not on the receipt totaled $104.90. She was charged, fingerprinted and released on a copy of the citation.

Dec. 10, 2019

A 19-year old Loganville woman and a male in the vehicle with her were charged with possession of marijuana less than 1 oz. after they were found sitting in a car in the back parking lot of the Horizon Trace pool parking lot. After investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle, the two were asked to step out of the vehicle and the officer reported a white cloud of smoke exited with them. They allegedly confessed to having marijuana in the vehicle. There also was a Gwinnett County warrant on the woman. Both were arrested and transported to Walton County jail.

A 55-year-old Loganville man was charged with driving while license suspended after a check of the tag came back as having a driver with a suspended license. When the driver turned out to be that license holder, he was arrested and transported to the Walton County jail and the vehicle was impounded and towed by Eastside Towing.

Dec. 14, 2019

A 26-year-old Loganville man was charged with driving while license suspended/revoked, improper left or right turn and on a warrant pick up after he was seen by a police officer allegedly making an improver left turn onto Ga. 20 from Whits Inn. He was arrested and transported to Walton County jail after his license came back suspended and he had an outstanding warrant out of Walton County.

Dec. 24, 2019

Two people from the Monroe area were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, less than 1 oz., and the driver was charged with improper lane change and no tag after the vehicle was seen with no tag. Following a traffic stop the police officer noted that they appeared “sleepy-eyed and lethargic.” One allegedly had loose marijuana (street name “shake”) strewn down his shirt. A search of the car after consent revealed loose marijuana and a blunt wrapper in the vehicle. This was taken into evidence, the subjects were charged and released on a copy of the citations and the vehicle was towed by Eastside Wrecker Service.

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