LPD Reports: Woman arrested for DUI when she tries to pick up son from school

The City of Loganville Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 16 – 22, 2022. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Feb. 16

A 43-year-old New York man was charged with no tail lights, license driving while license suspended/revoked, improper use of central turn lane after officers traveling westbound on GA 10 saw him driving more than 1,000 ft in the center lane. The vehicle was stopped and on checking his NY ID it came back that his license had been revoked. The vehicle, with a passenger, was left in the Marathon gas station awaiting a licensed driver and the subject was taken to LPD and booked. He was then released with copies of his citations.

Feb. 17

A 24-year-old Norcross man was charged with failure to appear when he came to the LPD lobby. He was charged with FTA, booked and then released after he paid his bond.

A 24-year-old Loganville man was arrested and charged with driving under the influence — drugs less safe and striking a fixed object after police were called to a vehicle in a retention pond at Berta Court. They arrived to find the vehicle in the pond and a man in his underwear under the porch at a residence. The rest of the clothes were strewn around the porch. He allegedly told police that he had taken five acid pills and smoked marijuana. Witnesses said had hit a mail box and then ran into the ditch and into the retention pond. While police were talking to him he allegedly just zoned out and exposed himself. He was taken to the hospital to have blood taken and then transported to Walton County jail.

Feb. 18

A 29-year-old Tennessee man was charged with disorderly conduct and was criminally trespassed from Waffle House after he allegedly laughed incessantly for 10 minutes and followed that up with continuously repeating profane language, including in front of children. Another patron forcibly removed him from the restaurant when he wouldn’t stop and he then beat on the waffle house windows. When police arrived he was arrested, booked at LPD and released on a copy of the citation. A surveillance video of the incident was requested from the restaurant.

A 37-year-old Loganville woman was charged with public drunkenness, possession of schedule II (drugs) and open container violation after she was found parked outside Bay Creek Elementary School, slumped over the steering wheel. She allegedly almost fell out of the car when asked to exit by police and then told them she was there to pick up her son. School officials said her children had already been picked up. Police reported finding an open bottle of alcohol in the console and a later search allegedly found a substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine in the vehicle. When the woman got physically sick, EMS was called. She allegedly tested at .117 grams for alcohol. The vehicle was eventually towed and she was arrested and taken to Walton County jail.

Feb. 19

A 27-year-old Loganville man was charged with tinted or obscured tag and driving without a valid license after he was stopped for the obscured tag and did not have a valid license.

Feb. 22

A 39-year-old Loganville man was charged with driving on a suspended notice after officers noticed he had an expired tag and a check on the tag number came back as the driver having a suspended license for being a super speeder. He told officers he thought it had been paid. He was booked at LPD, his license taken and he was cited and released on a copy of the suspension.

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