LPD Reports: Woman charged with battery for injuring co-worker at restaurant; customer charged for punching manager at another restaurant

The City of Loganville Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 28 to June 2, 2023. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

April 28

  • Two men, one with a Miami address and the other from Tucker, Ga., were arrested for shoplifting after officers were called to Home Depot on an attempted shoplifting. When confronted the two had run from the store and got into a truck with the name of a moving company written on the side. One pushed a Home Depot employee while fleeing. While LPD was still conducting the interview at Home Depot, the vehicle was spotted in the parking lot of Dicks Sporting Goods. While officers were attempting to get information from the man remaining with the vehicle, the other man came out of Dicks Sporting Goods. He was found to have new items that proved to have just been shoplifted from Dicks Sporting Goods. The two men were arrested and transported to Gwinnett County Jail and the vehicle was left in the Dicks Sporting Goods parking lot.

April 29

  • A 29-year-old Loganville man was arrested and charged with terroristic threats and acts after he threatened to shoot two employees from the Loganville Walmart after they confronted him for laying on the floor charging his phone from an outlet. He left the location but was stopped by police where he allegedly was uncooperative and verbally aggressive towards the officers. He also was found to be in possession of more than 100 pieces of mail not addressed to him as well as discharge papers from Piedmont Walton for a psychiatric evaluation. He was arrested and transported to Walton County jail on the terroristic charges and other charges were pending on the mail, which was placed into evidence.

May 2

  • A 25-year-old Alpharetta man was arrested and charged with DUI and failure to maintain lane and driving on a suspended license after police wee called to the scene of an accident. The driver had left the scene but was returned by a family member. He allegedly admitted to being under the influence of alcohol but was irate an aggressive towards the officers. A check revealed that he had a warrant out of the City of Snellville and Snellville wished to place the hold. He was subsequently booked at LPD and then transported to the Snellville line and turned over to Snellville PD.

May 10

  • A 30-year-old Snellville woman was picked up on a warrant out of Snellville and charged with speeding, driving without a license after she was picked up on laser for speeding through Loganville. A check of her license came back suspended and she also had a warrant out of Snellville. She was booked at LPD and then transported to the county line to be handed over to a Snellville Police Officer.

May 12

  • A 41-year-old North Carolina woman was arrested and charged with battery and simple assault after she and her husband were creating a disturbance at the Panda Express. When police responded it was reported that when staff attempted to get them to leave, she got aggressive and punched the manager who was left with a cut on her lip. The female subject was allegedly very intoxicated and also got aggressive with police, kicking the camera in the police car and causing damage. She was transported direct to Gwinnett County jail where she had to be forcibly removed from the vehicle by intake staff.

May 15

  • A 29-year-old Lawrenceville man was cited for driving without a license after his wife was involved in a crash at the intersection of Highway 81 and Twin Lakes Road where he had blocked the road with his car for her to follow with hers. He was cited and released.

May 22

  • A 47-year-old Atlanta man was arrested and charged with forgery and drug violations after he attempted to cash a check at Regions Bank in Loganville. The teller recognized the handwriting as the same as previous fraudulent checks and called 911. The account belonged to an 89-year-old man. He was arrested when he allegedly admitted to the attempted forgery and was charged with the additional drug charges when a search of his vehicle revealed what appeared to be a crack cocaine rock. It was taken into evidence.

May 27

  • A 22-year-old Loganville man was arrested on an outstanding warrant out of Walton County when he was found sleeping in a vehicle in the parking lot of Walmart with another person. When the warrant was confirmed he was transported to Walton County jail.

June 1

  • A 16-year-old male driving a South Carolina vehicle was charged with failure to maintain lane, DUI drugs less safe, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, no license on person and violation of license restrictions after he was stopped by an out of city police officer for failing to maintain lane. The LPD officer reportedly found the drugs on his person and in the vehicle. He was charged and then released on a copy of the citation

June 2

  • A 20-year-old Loganville woman working at the Taco Bell in Loganville was arrested and charged with battery and also for a small amount of marijuana after she allegedly threw a clipboard at a 17-year-old co-worker, injuring his elbow. She told officers she did it because he made comments about her body and called her a crackhead.

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