MAHS graduate Jessica Still, racing her way to a career

High school seniors in Walton County are in the process of graduating and preparing for their future. Among those from Monroe Area High School is one unique student who is choosing a somewhat different path to that of many of her fellow classmates. As a budding race car driver, 18-year-old Jessica Still is looking to break into a field that has been largely male dominated in the past.

As Christy Breedlove wrote in the latest issue of Walton Living Magazine, “In this time of highly paid professional athletes and reality TV stars, it’s easy to label these celebrities as role models or heroes. But you don’t have to look to Hollywood or to the Georgia Dome to find your role model.  There are plenty in Walton County and in particular, a focused, bright young lady at Monroe Area High School. Jessica Still is proud product of Walton County Schools, having gone to Walker Park Elementary, Carver Middle and now MAHS.  She is a homegrown girl who is proud of her family, community and friends,” Breedlove wrote. “Still, a senior at MAHS, is the genuine article—a true role model for girls looking to make a difference in the world but at the same time, maintain a sense of integrity, hard work and faith.  During the work weekend, she can be found studying AP Calculus, hanging out with her friends or attending church.  But on the weekend, she is on a race track somewhere in the north Georgia region.  Still is an accomplished race car driver who is determined to pave a way to become NASCAR’s first female crew chief of a pit crew.”

“My parents never pushed me and let me decide if I wanted to do this,” Still told Breedlove.  “My family brings me to the racetrack each weekend from March to October to help me get the most practice in so I can improve my racing. My friends have supported me by coming to my races and cheering me on.”

Monroe Area High School Class of 2017 graduate Jessica Still. Photo credit: Truly Blessed Photography 

Click or tap on this link for the full story on Jessica Still and her future plans on the racetrack and and as a future chief on a NASCAR pit crew. Or you can pick up a copy of Walton Living Magazine at one of the city halls or libraries in Walton County or in one of the businesses while shopping.

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